The Lavender Box

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Escape to your sanctuary by soaking your worries away with this 100% natural, boxed set to achieve a deep relaxation.

Our Lavender Bomb does wonders for both the skin and the senses. Known for its skin-healing and soothing properties, Lavender is a sure way to help reduce stress and anxiety.

The perfect way to unwind after a long day! Breathe deeply and take in the fresh and herbal aroma of our Eucalyptus and Lavender blend. This powerhouse provides both cooling and warming comfort. 

Settle in for a good soak and rest easy with our relaxing blend of Chamomile and Lavender. Get the rest you need with this soothing blend of essential oils designed to help to your body relax and sink into a blissful sleep.

Our blend of Lavender and Orange will immerse you into a gentle harmony. Let your mind float off to a tranquil place with this peaceful blend.

Size/Weight: 4 x 120g Cube Bath Bombs
Made in Canada

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