Single Origin Dark - (Full) Chocolate Bar

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“Single Origin Bean to Bar” dark chocolate made with imported cacao beans from Grenada. This bar is made in house from raw bean, roasted and conched. One of two in Western Canada.
*well balanced, notes of black pepper + vanilla.

68% percent single origin. 80 G



Founded in 2016, KARAT was formed from very humble beginnings in the basement kitchen of West Kelowna’s Mission Hill Winery.

With a few 3kg bags of top quality chocolate from Valrhona, France and a few simple tools KARAT was created. With the support of friends, family, colleagues, and a caring community, the dream began to grow. Julian and the Karat team would gain notoriety for expanding, elevating and reviving Kelowna’s pastry scene.

Over the last few years, KARAT has been focused on creating the freshest ,quality handmade confections, pastries and desserts , building lasting partnerships with local businesses and providing an artistic outlet for young chefs and chocolatiers along the way.


  • uses local ingredients
  • sources the best single origin beans and couverture chocolate possible
  • commits to finding ingredients that are ethically sourced and of the highest quality

Although the company is still young, The team at KARAT has worked hard to receive multiple national and International awards and continues forward to provide better service and product.

KARAT’S work has been featured in Nuvo magazine, WestJet Magazine, The National Post, Chatelaine, Boulevard, Okanagan Living, Daily Courier, Pastry Arts North America , CW Magazine and various other publications across North America.

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