Cranberry Spice *Limited Edition*

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The one holiday cordial we just can’t make enough of!

Full of tart cranberry goodness, this lightly sweet syrup has all the spices you would find in mulled wine, with a suprise kick of black pepper.

Use in sparkling wine for a holiday cocktail or try using a splash in your Cosmopolitan. We keep this in our pantry to make an easy mocktail for the designated driver at all of the holiday parties:

1 oz cordial

6 oz sparkling water

6 frozen cranberries

a sprig of rosemary.


375ml bottle makes, on average16-20 drinks

A typical drink will use ½ oz to 1 oz of cordial

Ingredients: blackberries, cane sugar, blackberry juice, water, ginger juice, lime juice

Made in Squamish, BC

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